Business Intelligence BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology driven process which includes data analysis and information representation that helps executives, managers and other users take substantiated decisions.

We help create consistent data definitions that allow extensive business communication.

Manageable process and data architecture coordinated with decision making.

Precise and relevant information available on time and in due form.

Data Analytics

Data analytics gives you the ability to envision future developments using data and statistical analysis as well as predictive and explanatory models to anticipate decisions and increase competitiveness.

Its applications include:

  • Recommendation engines, which provide personalized product suggestions based on user behavioral data and profiles (Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn all famously do this)
  • Risk modeling, which uses transactional data to tell financial institutions about vulnerabilities, and prepares them for potential problem scenarios
  • Fraud detection, which analyzes customer behavior and transactional data to determine the likelihood of fraud
  • Marketing analysis, which tells enterprises which customers are likely to leave for a competitor, as well as different ways to market to consumers based on behavior
  • Network monitoring, which analysts employ to determine the efficiency of networks, such as cloud servers and Virtual Private Networks


Management of large amounts of data; large scale processing and analysis of data repositories.

Extract relevant information from those enormous data banks in order to profit from it in a wide range of business applications.

Data will become an asset to every business

Big data will enable companies to collect better market and customer intelligence.

It will improve internal efficiency and operations

With Analytics we can go beyond:

  • Smarter information
  • Patterns
  • Trends
  • Forecasts
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Demand forecast

With support from expert economists, mathematicians, physicists and statisticians.


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