Financial BI

Extracting information from several places, putting it together, pasting it, formatting it and calculating on it, are unproductive practices that provide an incomplete and fragmented picture of the financial status of a company. Working like this reduces the capacity for analysis, increases the risk of making mistakes and the cost of human resources.

Our financial solution, applicable to any industry, automates the creation of Financial Statements and Financial Ratios, integrating several data sources and presenting information in a consolidated manner to facilitate analysis and reaching conclusions.

It also allows the application of business rules that reflect real results. It includes several statistical tools and features that help you focus on detailed information easily, quickly and with the ability to answer complex questions in real time: what happened before, what is happening now, where is it happening, why is it happening, what do we want to see happen and what is going to happen.


  • Reduces the cost of implementation by 30 percent compared to traditional solutions.
  • Reduces by 80% the resources spent on creating financial information.
  • Increases margins by 1 to 2% by reducing costs by being able to see financial indicators anytime without having to wait until the end of the period
  • Increases revenue by 2% by allowing decision making from any mobile device

Reference clients

  • Manufacturing: Alfa, G-Box
  • Retail: GNC, Soriana, Hemsa
  • Services: Club Campestre Monterrey
  • Commerce: MasBodega