One of the most important business organizations in Mexico

It has been influential since its creation, as one of the industrial pioneers of the country, and has remained so through its international reach supported by 126 plants in 26 countries and more than 70,000 collaborators.

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Some of its enterprises are:

  • Alpek, one of the largest producers of polyester worldwide.
  • Sigma, an important producer and distributor of highly recognized food brands in Mexico, the United States and Europe, which in 2010 acquired Bar-S, a top company in the production of cold cuts in the United States.
  • Alestra, top company in information and telecomm services.
  • Nemak, leader in innovative light-weight solutions for the automotive industry, with operations in America, Asia and Europe.
  • Newpek, business focused on the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, provides services for the gas and oil industry and in 2006 it partnered with Pioneer Natural Resources to explore natural gas deposits in Texas.

Complex system of companies difficult to control.

  • Integrated information from several ERPs , HR, CRM , etc
  • Generated extract Key performance indicators
  • Monthly Consolidation of Financial and operational information
  • Reduced by 80% the resources needed to consolidate
  • Information available monthly versus quarterly as before
  • Used since 2007

This business relationship has resulted in a robust and dependable BI system that supports Alfa and responds reliably to their needs.



Financial Information System

Major retail organization with 680 supermarkets and department stores nationwide

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Implemented a BI solution that allows timely access to detailed sales and financial results for each one of their individual stores

  • Reduced associated operation and management costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Better decision making
  • Better follow up of strategic goals
  • Audit times reduced by 30%
  • Increased level of confidence in reported results
  • Higher capacity to control costs
  • Gained better performance and capacity to drive profitable growth
  • Better margin control and compliance to budget
  • Standarized financial reports