BI for Restaurants

Restaurants of all sizes, as well as fast food establishments, face great challenges to remain competitive, and one of the resources that can represent an important advantage is business intelligence.

Traditionally, the term business intelligence or BI has been seen as something only big companies can acquire. Nowadays, however, a restaurant can use this kind of product to monitor key information, analyze it and take decisive actions.

BI for Restaurants is a solution that speeds up decision making, and facilitates analysis anytime and anywhere, based on opportune and reliable information that helps improve operation.

The reports created by this product and the kind of analyses it facilitates are specifically designed for the restaurant industry and its features are available at all times thanks to its cloud-based design.

It is also a flexible product that can be implemented quickly and adapted to any business.


  • Current, reliable information and cloud access
  • Easy and agile use
  • Supports fast and intelligent decision making
  • Adapts to any kind of restaurant or fast food joint
  • Low cost

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