Our Allies


A global analytics software company that speeds up information management and makes it accessible at any time, place and device.

Bitam tools are completely customizable for each industry and need; and are also safe, easy to use and learn.


Qlik® offers a platform for visual analysis that adds knowledge, data and clarity when it is most needed: during decision making.

It trains the whole organization to take decisions confidently and turns analysts and users into key elements of the business.


MicroStrategy is the maker of a software called OLAP, used for business intelligence and reporting.

MicroStrategy software creates reports and analyzes data stored in relational databases and other sources.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI helps users identify risks and opportunities with a single look, to get them out of a pinch whenever necessary.

Power BI transforms the company’s data into enriched visual objects that can be stored and organized, which helps users focus on what really matters.


Allity is part of the BIT Alyne consortium which comprises 6 top enterprises with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. Its clients are big corporations from such industries as the automotive, food, oil, gas, semiconductors, finance, health, transportation, logistics, restaurants and many others.